Pierrick PAGET
Pierrick Paget author of the motocrossbook riding his moto
I was born in 1977 in the Jura of France to a Swiss mother and French father in the small village of Legna. Surrounded by a mountainous dense forest with the population of 50, Legna is ideal for running, hiking, mountain biking, and even has a motocross club.

Throughout my professional career I have raced 125cc, 250cc, 250f, 450f, and 480f in France, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, Canada, and the USA.

In 2001 I was fortunate to race for Switzerland at the Motocross des Nations in Namur, Belgium.

I would not say that I was particularly gifted as a motocross rider, but more so stubborn. And if anything, being determined and stubborn helps in this sport. Thus, repeated practice combined with the advice and help of a passionate father, I became a successful rider. I have treasured memories of spending hours at the track with my dad, one in particular when I was 11 years old. It was a rainy afternoon and I was struggling with throttle control in a slippery section. We stayed out in the wet until I got it.

My best memory is from when I got on the podium at the world championships during the Swiss GP in 2000. It was raining so hard it seemed like it was coming up from the ground too. It was a gnarly mud race: rutted, sticky, and slick for 40 mins + 2 laps. Everything to me was perfect. I focused on my technique, the bike handled well. I was relaxed. The day I spent learning throttle control when I was 11 was finally worth it...

The peak of my career was experienced almost alone lost in the midst of the plains of Northern California. I raced the opening Outdoor AMA National. I'd bought a 250cc two-stroke and mounted my own suspension. The only thing I had to concentrate on was the race. The dirt was beyond perfect, it was very hot, but I was at the top of my form. I got to ride alongside riders I'd admired for years in magazines. I rode to a solid top ten that day. This peak is managed and maintained by champions for whole seasons or years. For myself it was spent alone, in foreign lands, and was only two motos. And, I am grateful to have experienced it...